ULTIMA Lack-Balsam

A1 ULTIMA Lack-Balsam

The ultimate wax for perfectionists A unique way to care for paintwork.
Thanks to the outstanding achievement and innovative flair of our development laboratory. Only exquisite ingredients have been processed in the formula of A1 ULTIMA Paint Balm, these having been refined in extensive tests to attain the ultimate goal: streamlined performance. Treat your gem to something special.

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  • Protects against weathering and environmental effects for up to seven months.
  • With a special hydrophobicity formula for a long-lasting yet pristine pearling effect.
  • Creates a unique mirror finish and lends a brilliant colour depth.
  • Unbelievably quick and easy to work with – without leaving streaks or clouding.
  • Can even be used at colder temperatures (down to approx. 10° C) or also in the sun and at high temperatures.
  • With special sponge for perfect application.
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