ULTIMA Show & Shine Polish - NY

A1 ULTIMA Show & Shine Polish - NY

Størrelse: 250 ml

Brilliant mirror finish and removes fine scratches forever - For all paint types and conditions. The improved A1 ULTIMA Show & Shine Polish A1 is based on a completely new kind of synthetically produced polishing particles used in high-tech electronics. Thanks to these innovative polishing particles, fine scratches can be removed permanently, instead rendering them temporarily invisible, as is the case with conventional polishes.

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  • Fine scratches (such as hologram scratches, car wash blemishes, etc.) and weathered paint layers are removed even more effectively rather than simply masked - without scratching the painted surface
  • Perfect mirror finish without haze
  • Achieves a brilliant gloss finish and an extremely smooth painted surface
  • Developed for use on all types of paint (metallic, multi-colour, nano and more scratch-proof paints), gloss films and paint conditions (lightly to strongly weathered)
  • Unbelievably quick and easy to work with – leaves no streaks or clouding
  • Excess product can be wiped off with extreme ease (just like dusting)
  • The high-quality carnauba wax protects and seals the paint for up to 3 months
  • Solvent-free
  • Suitable for polishing machines
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Størrelse250 ml
Størrelse250 ml
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