Kamikaze Artificial Clear Coat - 100ml

Kamikaze Artificial Clear Coat - 100ml

Kamikaze's Artificial Clear Coat is a product like no other in the market. This non-solvent and VOC-free formula acts as a durable primer for their Miyabi Coat and ISM Coat, and it provides chemical-based filling characteristics that work particularly well on soft and delicate paints. Artificial Clear Coat does a great job of hiding the imperfections in the soft paint, and it does it without the need for abrasives.

OBS! Dette produktet har stått lagret hos oss over tid, vi kan derfor ikke garantere samme holdbarhet / effekt som normalt

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Artificial Clear Coat must be topped with either Miyabi Coat or ISM Coat (both non-solvent formulas!), as it is not designed to be a stand alone product.

NOTE: You MUST use Kamikaze's Final Fiber Pad for application as it will not work with traditional pads. Also, it is recommended that you use a smaller orbit DA polisher for application. 12mm orbit (as with the Rupes Duetto) is the largest orbit recommended for a good application.

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