Q² Booster - 30 ml

Gyeon Q² Booster - 30 ml

Størrelse: 30 ml
Gyeon Q² Booster er en topcoat som gir maksimal vann- og smussavprellende egenskaper på alle Si02 baserte coatinger. Gyeon har her klart å kombinere lang holdbarhet (12 måneder) med god kjemikaliebestandighet og ikke minst rå vannavprelling.
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It achieves this by laying down a nano-scale film of organofluorine polymers with reactive silyl groups that condenses rapidly to form a fluorinated surface layer that bonds to the underlying SiO2-based coating at the molecular level. As a result of comprising a greater proportion of organic components (hydrocarbons), this sacrificial topcoat subtly alters the look of the underlying quartz coating (by adding extra richness and gloss) and also modifies its behaviour with respect to water and oil-based liquids. In particular, SiO2-based coatings treated with Gyeon Q² Booster become extremely hydrophobic, to the point where water droplet contact angles on horizontal surfaces reach 120°. This spectacular level of hydrophobicity causes rainfall and rinse water to bead up and roll off extremely quickly, which not only enhances the self-cleaning properties of treated bodywork, but also serves to reduce the risk of water spots forming during the first few weeks following application. Moreover, treated surfaces also become naturally oil-repellent (lipophobic), meaning that it effectively seals them against vandalism by graffiti and most other forms of paint.

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Størrelse30 ml
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