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EX Sealant

Poorboys EX Sealant

EXtra glans, EXtra beskyttelse og EXtra holdbarhet med Poorboys EX Sealant!
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Sealants are the "wax of the future" man made works of art to protect your vehicle for whatever the environment can throw at it! But like all too good to be true things they come with a downside. Sealants lack the deep wet look that only a real carnauba wax can give to a dark finish. Poorboy's World decided that this was just not going to slide so we combined the protection of a sealant and the look of a wax!

EX is a brilliant hybrid combination of a high quality sealant and top of the line Brazilian Carnauba Wax! This gives you the protection of a sealant while giving your finish a dripping wet look that only a real carnauba can do. No more topping your sealant with a wax to get the look EX lets you do it all in one step saving you time and money, who doesn't like that?

By hand or machine, sun or shade, wipe on let haze buff off.

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ProdusentPoorboy's World
Størrelse473 ml


Forårsaker hudirritasjon. Kan føre til døsighet og svimmelhet.


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