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Spray and Wipe

Poorboys Spray and Wipe

Poorboy's World Spray and Wipe is a waterless car wash you can use as a quick 15 minute solution for your dirty vehicle. If you have heavy dust or road grime, simply wash with Spray and Wipe without dragging out a bucket or hose.

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Spray and Wipe Does not contain any wax or abrasives. Just Spray and Wipe away for a clean finish. Use with high quality Microfiber Towels like our Deluxe Mega Towels (DMT) to prevent scratching.

Use as a substitute for a traditional bucket car wash. Removes Dust, Dirt, Water Spots, Road Grime, Fresh Tar, Sap, and Bird Droppings.

Safe for all paints:

Use in the SUN or SHADE

Use on Glass


Convertible Tops

Polished Aluminum

Wheels Windows

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