Tripod - stativ

Scangrip Tripod - stativ

Solid stativ for bruk sammen med Multimatch og Multimatch 4.
1097,- Før 1290,-
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The SCANGRIP TRIPOD is designed to meet any working situation where flexible illumination is key. Extendable from 1.35 m to 3 m, the tripod offers complete flexibility to position the work light into the required height and angle.

The tripod is made of durable powder coated steel and a welded steel mounting cap (10 mm thread) ensures the durability of the universal tripod stand. When not in use the tripod is compact with a weight of 6 kg.

Streamlined in both design and construction, the SCANGRIP TRIPOD can be applied for both indoor and outdoor use. To increase safety when in use, work light cables can be stored in the safety clips placed on each of the tripods legs.

A universal mounting bracket for 1 lamp is included in the packaging, and the tripod fits all NOVA and MULTIMATCH work lights.

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