Gtechniq I2 Tri-Clean

Gtechniq I2 Tri-Clean

Koch Chemie Mehrzwckreiniger Interiørsåpe

Koch Chemie Mehrzwckreiniger Interiørsåpe


Upholstery Foam Cleaner

A1 Upholstery Foam Cleaner

Super og skummende rengjøringseffekt! Mild mot alle tekstiler og fornyer fargene.
135,- Før 159,-
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A1 Upholstery-Foam-Cleaner gets out even stubborn stains – even spilt milk! It removes dirt and stains from upholstery fabrics, velour roof linings and vinyl linings – it even gets out coffee, ketchup, shoe polish and much more. With its integrated odour killer, A1 Upholstery-Foam-Cleaner gets rid of unpleasant odours permanently, instead of just masking them.

  • Suited for Alcantara
  • Cleans cushions (fabric and velours), carpets and roof linings
  • Superior cleaning performance even in case of persistent stains, like cola, coffee, ketchup, shoe polish, etc
  • With integrated odour remover. Removes unpleasant odours completely from the fabric instead of simply covering it.
  • Easy and effective application thanks to the superior dosage control
  • Preserves surfaces and materials
  • Colour-refreshing cleaning effect
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Størrelse400 ml

Vacuum coarse dirt away. Shake can before use and test the colour fastness at an invisible location. Spray the cleaner on the soiled surface (let react for 5 minutes in case of persistent dirt). Clean thoroughly with a damp terry towel or a sponge. Rinse the cloth in between. Wipe the treated surfaces with a clean and dry cloth. Repeat the procedure, if required. Cleaner residuals (formation of residual foam) can simply be brushed away or vacuumed off.

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