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Dynax S50

Bilt-Hamber Dynax S50

Dynax S50 er en heavy duty voks med gode anti-korrosjonsevner beregnet for bruk på understell, kriker og kroker. Lang holdbarhet!
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Dynax S50 is a high-performance anti-corrosion wax that provides exceptionally long-lasting protection to steel surfaces. It creeps into welded seams and seals surface defects. dynax S-50 forms a soft, brown, wax-like film that self-heals in the event of disruption. It is also able to arrest existing corrosion and to provide long-term protection to pre-corroded and corrosion-free surfaces.

Dynax S-50 has been proven to substantially outperform competitive material in salt-spray trials under conditions of ASTM B117.

Dynax S-50's soft-film is optimised for enclosed cavities where extremely corrosive conditions develop. dynax S-50 is also recommended for protection of valuable machinery and component in transit, machine tools, moulds etc. dynax S50 can be removed using suitable solvent. dynax S-50 is not formulated for prolonged exposure to ultra-violet (UV) light.

The advanced metal seeking anti-corrosion molecules which form dynax S-50 are able to displace water, so even damp surfaces can be protected, these same molecules arrest and prevent corrosion even on already rusty surfaces and provide remarkable self-healing abilities if the film is damaged. Whilst dynax S-50 is primarily a cavity rustproofing compound it’s also able to prevent corrosion in a multitude of mud traps and water collecting voids. dynax S-50 has been used with superb results to protect voids and cavities in steel boats, vessels, off shore installations and other steel structures subject to severely corrosive atmospheres.

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Størrelse750 ml


Ekstremt brannfarlig aerosol. Beholder under trykk: Kan eksplodere ved oppvarming. Kan forårsake døsighet eller svimmelhet.



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