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Motorcycle Lift Adapter Kit

QuickJack Motorcycle Lift Adapter Kit

Med QuickJack Lift Adapter Kit forvandler du enkelt QuickJack løftebukk om til en praktisk motorsykkel-løfter! Alt du trenger å gjøre er å plassere rammene på QuickJacken rett ved siden av hverandre, plasser Motorcycle Lift Adapter Kit på rammene, rull sykkelen på rampen og heis opp! Trygt sikkert og effektivt.
5290,- Før 6990,-
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QuickJack Motorcycle Lift Adapter Kit gjør detailing, hjulservice og mye annet til en lek! Utformingen på den solide og slitesterke aluminiumsplattformen gir maks grep for dekkene.

Anbefales i bruk sammen med - Ranger RML-1100 Motorcycle Jack

OBS! QuickJack løftebukk medfølger ikke

The QuickJack motorcycle lift adapter kit features a cold-formed and tig-welded 6061-T6 aluminum diamond tread platform for a sleek design that also provides maximum hold on your tires. Its fully adjustable front-wheel clamp keeps hold of the tire by constricting two thick, non-abrasive, chemical-resistant, treaded rubber pads that will never damage your bike or corrode due to weather, moisture, chemicals or heavy use.

With quality like that, you can wash, detail and service your bike indoors and out. The adapter kit assembles from storage in just minutes and lifts in seconds flat. You’re used to the convenience of a car lift that you can take anywhere, and now you can get that same portability with your motorcycle.

QuickJack is made to travel, so store it easily in the bed of a pickup or SUV. For cross-country or extended bike trips, you may already keep a truck alongside your group in case of emergencies. In the bed of that truck, nothing will provide better peace-of-mind than a QuickJack car lift assembly with the motorcycle lift platform on hand.

For even more versatility, perform wheel service with the Ranger RML-1100, our powerful, 1,100-lb. capacity motorcycle jack. This highly successful product is a must-own if you want to turn your QuickJack into a full-service, all-in-one vehicle lift. Acting as a “rolling bridge jack” for your motorcycle, it comfortably fits on the generous platform and safely engages the frame of your beloved bike. Service flats, change tires and get back on the road.

If you own or want to own our amazing car lift, you don’t need a separate motorcycle lift to hoist the base of your bike high in the air. QuickJack ensures that installing a portable motorcycle adapter is hassle-free. Simple, custom-fit, hardened-steel axles lock securely over the QuickJack frames and provide support for the lift platform, which perfectly walks the line between heavy-duty durability and lightweight portability. All it takes is two quick minutes to get your QuickJack adapter from “stow to go,” and it’s just as easy to glide your bike over the low-profile ramps. Once your front wheel is locked into place, heavy-duty tie-down rings come standard to accommodate most ratchet straps.

  • Cold-formed and tig-welded 6061-T6 aluminum diamond tread plate
  • Heavy-duty tie-down rings
  • Rugged steel support axle
  • Red, power-coat finish clamp with durable, treaded rubber padding (motorcycle lift only)
  • Ergonomic crank for easy, non-damaging wheel security


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ProduktnavnMotorcycle Lift Adapter Kit
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