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Wheelstand - stativ

Scangrip Wheelstand - stativ

Solid og veldig hendig stativ på hjul for bruk sammen med Multimatch, D-Match og Nova lampene.
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The SCANGRIP WHEEL STAND is developed for mobile positioning of the work light in the detailing workshop. It makes it easy to move the light to where you need it, and at the same time you avoid uncomfortable and heavy lifting from one workplace to the other. 

It is fast and easy to position the work light on the SCANGRIP WHEEL STAND, and when mounted the light can be tilted to provide the optimum beam angle. When the job is done it can easily be put aside.

The SCANGRIP WHEEL STAND is extendable from just 2.4ft up to 6ft which gives you complete flexibility to position the light in the requested height. To provide illumination for the work on the side of the car the low working height is particularly useful. 

The 3 wheels are sturdy and of high quality and roll easily even on uneven surfaces. 2 of the wheels are lockable to secure a safe and fixed position. The SCANGRIP WHEEL STAND is made of durable and sturdy powder coated steel for both indoor and outdoor use.

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